A professional assortment box with 1.275 Q-Multigrip blind rivets in a strong and stackable plastic box. Well organized, you will immediately find the right blind rivets in length and correct clamping range. Ideal for the craftsman, repair and service engineer.

Q-BOX Advantage

  • Q-Multigrip Blind rivets Ø 3.2 mm / Ø 4.0 mm / Ø 4.8 mm
  • Material Aluminium/Steel and Stainless Steel A2
  • Dome head and (Extra) Large Dome head 12/16 mm
  • Big clamping range for every dimension
  • Removable boxes

Q-BOX Q-Multigrip contains

Blind Rivets Aluminium/Steel Dome Head
3.2×8 mm0.8-4.8 mm150 Pieces3.2×12 mm4.0-9.5 mm150 Pieces4.0×10 mm1.2-6.4 mm100 Pieces4.0×17 mm6.4-12.7 mm75 Pieces4.8×10 mm1.6-6.4 mm100 Pieces4.8×15 mm4.8-11.0 mm75 Pieces

Blind Rivets Aluminium/Steel (Extra) Large Dome Head
3.2x8x9,5 mm0.8-4.8 mm150 Pieces4.0x10x12 mm1.2-6.4 mm75 Pieces4.8x10x16 mm1.6-6.4 mm75 Pieces

Blind Rivets Stainless Steel A2/Stainless Steel A2 Dome Head
3.2×8 mm0.8-4.8 mm150 Pieces4.0×10 mm1.2-6.4 mm100 Pieces4.8×10 mm1.6-6.4 mm75 Pieces

Article code:15ASSORT-MULTI-BIG-QDimensions:450x120x360 mmWeight:4.0 kg

Tip: Order the blister for refilling the boxes

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