May 12, 2022

Sustainability is at least as important as the design of the product to MakroSol. Despite the changing weather conditions, MakroSol’s mounts remain as beautiful and functional as on the very first day of delivery.

MakroSol processes Qonnect® blind rivets in various RAL colors. Canopies and sliding walls are assembled on site using this technique. “The blind rivets we process are made in a RAL color to our specification. The end result looks even neater this way,” says Michel Wouters, founder and owner of MakroSol.

On the recommendation of our product specialist, MakroSol tested the promising battery tool: Q-TOOL R64XL. Previously, a hand tool was used to tighten blind rivets; with this, the mechanics literally had to make the hand movements. With our battery tool, this can now be done fully automatically with just one hand instead of two.

By now, every assembly team at MakroSol uses only the Q-TOOL. “All assembly is now done with much more ease and even more precision. For example, we previously had to perform certain construction operations with two people. That is no longer necessary!” The tool also ensures a lot less physical strain for the mechanics.

Our Q-TOOL R64XL is a lightweight, but at the same time extremely powerful mounting partner. The tool is the ideal tool for all canopy and sliding wall projects, but is interesting for work in many more industries.

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