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Jan Aarts CEO Qonnect

Jan Aarts

Daan Schrijen
Operational Manager

Roel Clermonts
Sales Manager

Dennis Bovens
Marketing Manager

Sylvia Daenen
Sales Department

Jürgen Schmid Sales Germany Austria and Switzerland

Jürgen Schmidt
Sales Manager Germany

Tim Castermans
Sales Department

André Gerekens
Sales Department

Dave Vlaspoel-Jansen
Warehouse Outbound

Roy Welters
Warehouse Inbound

Paul Bovens
Quality & Service

Jarrel Pietersz

Qonnect Fasteners Germany

Natalie Kallas
Managing Director & Sales

Qonnect Fasteners Iberica

Luis Orgaz Purchase Sales

Luis Orgaz
Purchase & Sales

Christina Prieto Sales Customer Service

Christina Prieto
Sales & Customer Service

Victor Ruiz Logistics

Victor Ruiz
Logistics & Technical Service

Qonnect Fasteners Swiss

Michel Portenier Director Qonnect Swiss

Michel Portenier
Managing Director & Sales

Basil Qonnect Swiss

Basil Wiederkehr
Deputy managing director & Sales

Nataliya Qonnect Swiss

Nataliya Portenier
Back Office & Warehouse

Corporate philosophy

Technology is constantly in a state of flux. As such, it is down to use to liaise with our customers to ensure that their position in the globalized world is both technologically pioneering and technologically competitive. From us you can expect a comprehensive standard product portfolio for Q-Rivet blind rivets, Q-Nut blind rivet nuts, and Q-Tool application tools, as well as custom-made products from drawings. When it comes to supply capability too, we make no compromises and show utmost flexibility. Deliveries are made from our central warehouse at Maastricht Airport in the Netherlands or direct from our production line, in coordination with our customers.

We are in this together

The team behind Qonnect continually strives to add new dimensions to a product that – let’s be honest – can hardly be described as ‘sexy’. They are fascinated by rivets and everything to do with rivets and they enjoy working together to make bold changes to the established way of doing things. They are making a unique contribution to innovation in a sector that is often set in its ways. This contribution is reflected in Qonnect’s growth as a company, and this growth in turn stimulates the team to develop further.