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Daan Schrijen
Managing Director

Dennis Bovens
Marketing Manager

Jan Aarts CEO Qonnect

Jan Aarts
Founder/Business Advisor

Sylvia Daenen
Purchase & Sales

Jürgen Schmid Sales Germany Austria and Switzerland

Jürgen Schmidt
Sales Manager Germany

Tim Castermans
Sales Department

André Gerekens
Sales Department

Dave Vlaspoel-Jansen
Warehouse Outbound

Roy Welters
Warehouse Inbound

Paul Bovens
Quality & Service

Jarrel Pietersz

Qonnect® Fasteners Germany

Natalie Kallas
Managing Director & Sales

Qonnect® Fasteners Iberica

Luis Orgaz Purchase Sales

Luis Orgaz
Purchase & Sales

Christina Prieto Sales Customer Service

Christina Prieto
Sales & Customer Service

Victor Ruiz Logistics

Victor Ruiz
Logistics & Technical Service

Qonnect® Fasteners Swiss

Michel Portenier Director Qonnect Swiss

Michel Portenier
Managing Director & Sales

Nataliya Qonnect Swiss

Nataliya Portenier
Back Office & Warehouse

Corporate philosophy

Technology is constantly subject to change. This reflects in the dynamic world in which we collaborate with our customers, ensuring their technological position. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio consisting of Q-Rivet, Q-Nut and Q-Tool application tools, expanded with custom-made products. In supply capability, we do not compromise, flexibility is paramount. Deliveries are initiated from our central warehouse at Maastricht Airport, Netherlands.

We are in this together

The Qonnect® team continuously strives to add new dimensions to a product that can – let’s be honest – hardly be described as ‘sexy’. We are fascinated by rivet-technologies and enjoy working on bold changes to the established way of doing things. We have an unique impact on innovation in a sector, often set in its ways. This is reflected in our exponential growth as a company, stimulating us to keep on developing further, and thus making the next steps with Qonnect®.