Choose from our assortment of Q-Rivet & Q-Nuts. Pick your inserts to match. Get a Q-BOXX Custom!

We have selected Q-Multigrip as the featured Rivet in Q-BOXX-Multi & Multi-Kit. But we can imagine you would like to mix & match with your own rivet(nut)-of-choice. Q-BOXX-Custom lets you do just that.

Step 1
Start with an empty Q-BOXX + 2 grey inserts.

Step 2
Choose your Qonnect rivet or nut and match with the prefered insert box.

Step 3
Customize further & send us your company logo. Get a tailored Q-BOXX.

  • For Q-BOXX CUSTOM a 2-4 week lead time applies.
  • The minimum order quantity is 25 pieces.
  • For specifics on all possibilities & pricing, please reach out to your sales contact.

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