This well organized & labelled small assortment kit, provides you with a balanced assortment of Q-Multigrip rivets. 400 pieces in Ø sizes 3.2 | 4.0 | 4.8mm. The inside cover is labeled & designed to clearly show which rivets are presented in this kit. An ideal box to have in your workbench or add to your mobile tool & parts set up.

Code:15ASSORT-MULTI-QDimensions:200x140x40 mmWeight:0.8 kg

  • 400 pcs. Q-Multigrip Alu/Steel
  • Dome head | Extra large head
  • Ø 3.2 | 4.0 | 4.8 mm

Q-Rivet Assortment Box contains

Q-Multigrip aluminum/ steel standard rivets
3.2×8.0 mm0.8-4.8 mm50 Pieces3.2×9.5 mm1.2-6.4 mm50 Pieces3.2×12.7 mm5.5-9.5 mm50 Pieces

4.0×9.5 mm1.2-6.4 mm50 Pieces4.0×12.7 mm4.0-9.5 mm40 Pieces4.0×17 mm6.4-12.7 mm50 Pieces

4.8×10 mm1.6-6.4 mm40 Pieces4.8×15.1 mm4.8-11.0 mm40 Pieces4.8x12x16 mm4.0-9.5 mm25 Pieces

Want a customized Q-Rivet assortment kit?
Just give us a heads up and we can customize your Q-Custom Box with:

  • Your company logo
  • Custom label designs
  • Your barcode or article numbers

Send us your ideas & request: info@qonnect-fasteners.com

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