April 5, 2022

Since 2019, Qonnect® has been an important part of the Zygology formula. Zygology now offers the complete Qonnect® range. Blind rivets, rivet nuts and installation tools are available from Zygology with next day delivery to OEM & distribution customers in a variety of packaging sizes to suit all customer preferences.

It’s not just a collaboration, but it’s about creating real value with each other as partners. We exchange expertise, experiences and know-how with each other. In this way, we ensure alignment and specialized service for each application and every customer. “We are pleased to be in partnership with Qonnect®,” says Richard Avery, Zygology Joint Managing Director.

This close partnership gives Qonnect® all the advantages of having a local partner in terms of resources, network and supply chain. Zygology’s customers can count on good stock levels, fast delivery and access to Asian products. Quality is always paramount here; that’s what Zygology’s customers can be most excited about.

Since moving from a collaboration to our partner program with Zygology, we have been growing in the UK market. Technology is constantly changing and in this globalized world it is important to keep thinking ahead. Together we can look at opportunities to join forces!